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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to the questions we are asked most often about residential and commercial inspections.

If you still have questions please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-469-682-4848. We would love to help.

A home inspection is a professional, complete visual examination of the all the systems and physical structural elements of a home. Our emphasis is on identifying existing or potential problems that would affect a purchaser's buying decision.

A home is the largest purchase most people will ever make. It only makes sense to find out as much as you can about the house you are interested in before you buy. That way you can avoid costly surprise repairs and problems with your new home. Our report will also advise you of what maintenance is required to keep your home in top condition. A professional inspection will give you a clear picture of the many systems and structural elements that make up the property.

If you are selling your home, a listing inspection will point out any potential problems that might be uncovered later by the buyers inspector. Finding them early will allow you to address them before listing your home, making for a faster and smoother sale.

Our standard inspection report covers all the major systems and structural elements of the house. This includes the condition of the home's heating and air conditioning systems, plumbing and electrical systems, roof, foundation, attic and visible insulation, walls, doors, windows and all visible structures.

Definitely! We strongly recommend that you plan on coming at the end of the inspection so that we can show you what we have discovered and review what will be in the final report. We want you to fully understand your new home and its systems.

It's a valuable learning experience for most people and will help you get the most benefit from the inspection. You can ask questions directly and the inspector can explain maintenance tips for specific areas. Your inspector will let you know the appropriate time when you schedule your inspection. If you can't be at the inspection, we can arrange a telephone consultation to review the report with you.

The time will vary depending on both the size and condition of the home. For most homes, 3 hours is fairly typical. But for larger homes, or homes in poor condition, it may take longer.

Absolutely. A professional inspection of a new home is important. We can spot potential problems early, while they are still easy to correct. It's especially valuable to arrange an inspection before the interior walls are finished. As building professionals, we may find problem areas where the builder has taken shortcuts or not perfomred good work.

Chances are that even if you are very familiar with home construction, you still don't have the knowledge, training and experience of a professional Home Inspector. We are not only familiar with all the systems of a home, and how they work and need to be maintained, but we also know what to look for to tell us that they are getting ready to fail.

But beyond the technical expertise and experience a professional inspector brings, it is important to remember that the inspector remains an impartial third party. If you are involved in buying or selling a house, it's impossible for you to remain completely unemotional about the house, and this may cloud your judgment. The professional inspector will provide an objective outside reporting of the facts.

Our report will tell you the condition of the house, including needed repairs. No house is going to be perfect. It is up to you to decide how any problems the inspection uncovers might affect your decision to purchase.

If major problems are discovered, you may want to try negotiating with the seller to have them repaired before closing the deal. Or perhaps the seller will lower the price, or offer more favorable contract terms. In the end, the decision rests with you, but knowing about potential problems, before you buy, gives you the power to make the best decisions.

No. The code of ethics of The Texas Real Estate Commission prohibits any home inspectors from doing repair work on properties they inspect. This assures that there will never be any conflict of interest by the inspector. Nor will we accept renumeration from third parties. Our purpose is to provide an unbiased, objective third-party report on the condition of the home.

Our inspectors have extensive experience in performing home inspections. In addition, we adhere to the highest standards set forth by the Texas Real Estate Commission and the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Yes. Our inspectors are licensed by TREC - The Texas Real Estate Commission.

Following is a breakdown of our services and fees.

You may notice that we offer some of the most competitive pricing for Home Inspection Services in the state of Texas.

How Our Pricing Works
  • Prices are based on $.10 per square foot with a $250 minimum. Garage must be included in square footage calculation. (i.e. $250 minimum up to and including 2500 square feet after which the pricing is $.10 per square foot.)
  • Additional fees of $75 apply for properties with pier and beam foundations.
  • Additional fees of $35 apply for sprinkler system inspection.
  • Additional fees of $75 apply for termite inspection.
  • Additional fees of $120 apply for swimming pool inspection.
  • Call for quotes on new construction phase inspections.
  • Commercial properties and homes outside of the Dallas/Forth Worth metroplex quoted on an individual basis.
In addition...
  • We carry Supra Key for access to properties with electronic lock boxes.
  • We can coordinate your termite and other specialty inspections, such as air quality inspections for the presence of mold.
Example pricing:

The inspection fees vary slightly depending on the size of the house. A full inspection of a house with 2400 square feet of living area plus a 400 square-foot, two-car garage is $280. (i.e. 2400 sq. ft. + 400 sq. ft. = 2800 sq. ft. times $.10 per square foot equals $280).

Radon testing is not performed due to low risk in Texas. Call us at 1-469-682-4848 for a specific quotation.

Once you have completed our online Inspection Request Form and prior to meeting at the property, you will need to go to the Payments page of our website. From there you can go to our secure payment center and pay for your inspection using your PayPal account.

If you do not have a PayPal account, or you prefer to use another payment method, we accept all major credit / debit / check cards, in addition to eCheck.

Once we receive notice that payment has been made, we will contact you to schedule a date and time for your inspection.

Be sure and check out our PayPal FAQ's for more information about PayPal.

A full inspection covers the Site/Grounds, Exterior, Structural Components, Foundation, Roof, Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating/AC, Garage, Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Interior.

Yes, we prepare an extensive written report that generally runs 10-15 pages. Included is a Report Overview that will let you quickly review the recommended improvements to the home. The report is narrative in nature so that you can read, in plain english, the results of the home inspection.

The report is computer-generated. There are no sloppy hand-written checklists!

The report will be available the following day.

Yes. You may use the link below to view a sample report.

Sample Residential Report (1013 KB).

Yes, our reports conform to (and exceed) the ASHI® Standards of Practice.

We serve the Dallas/Forth Worth metroplex (and surrounding cities).

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